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Marketing Automation Stories (MAS) provides professional consulting & implementation services for Marketing automation and Salesforce CRM implementations.

What do Pardot customers need ? 

Pardot customers need an end to end campaign strategy with ROI solution to get up and running as soon as possible with phased approach. (Crawl, Walk Run)

MAS will be the unique solution for the region customers with the added advantage of providing industry specific best practise. We are now offering Sales Cloud quick-starts as well check out the pricing or book a consult today!

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About Us

Marketing Automation Stories or MAS was created to help ensure the lead-to-cash setup for companies is done in a optimised way, in which Salesforce and industry best-practices pre-baked for the customers. To ensure that best practices for people, technology and technology were followed and best of digital strategy and marketing agency experience is provided to our customers. 

MAS has over 10+ years experience working at Salesforce across all post-sales departments helping clients solve their Sales and marketing challenges. We have worked across all industries Telecommunication, Healthcare, Education, Financial services, Manufacturing and Professional services with customers of all shapes and sizes. Our Experienced consultants have extensive experience in Pardot Implementation Services, Customer Success, Customer Escalations, Technical Support, Premier Selling and Regional Pardot Ambassador teams.

At MAS, we are learners on behalf of our customers, therefore you get the top quality solutions. We like to keep up-to-date with Salesforce knowledge by being 4x Salesforce Ranger and maintaining our 8x Salesforce Certifications. Although we are certified and experienced in Salesforce’s core products like Sales/Service/Marketing/Community and Non-for-Profits clouds, MAS is currently focused on solving Sales & Marketing challenges through Pardot (Salesforce’s B2B Marketing solution) and Sales Cloud for all customers. As Pardot is where most of our projects have been and our customers have loved us (9.7+ CSAT for 350+ Pardot projects).


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